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Shiro Bekko - Wakagoi Koi Show 2009

› 01 De abril 2009

Shiro Bekko - Wakagoi Koi Show 2009Koibito-Japan had the pleasure of picking up Best in Variety on behalf of a Dutch customer at the Wakagoi Show 2009.

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Momotaro HQ Sansai Sanke

› 02 De octubre 2007

Momotaro HQ Sansai SankeHis Sansai Sanke is purchused by KoiBito to grow on for 2 more years.
Then if good enough put her into the Japanese koishows.

HQ Momotaro Showa

› 02 De octubre 2007

HQ Momotaro ShowaThis HQ Momotaro 5 year old 85cm showa was supplied by KoiBito to Koigoi in the Netherlands.

Holland Koishow Grand Champion 2005

› 02 De octubre 2007

Holland Koishow Grand Champion 2005Grand Champion on the Holland Koishow 2005 named Patience supplied by KoiBito. Owner Raymond Kuier (Koigoi)



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